CPL Re-Certification Class

CPL Re-Certification Class

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Re certification

SUNDAY CLASS TIME: 11:30am - 4:30pm

Michigan law does not require you to sit through a class to re-certify your Concealed Weapons Permit. Your CPL permit is good for five years and during that time laws can change and memories fade and some students find it beneficial to hear the material again or discuss changes or refresh the laws before they re-new.

As of now Michigan only requires and individual with a previous CPL to return back to the county clerks office and sign an affidavit that states you have spent at least 1 hour at a range in the last 5 years and you are up to date in Michigan laws. This works for most people, however, should you ever be involved in a use of force incident your affidavit may come into question whereas we provide independent documentation of that those facts with a certificate and if need be our testimony.

To take a re-certification class it is simple, you choose the class date that fits you best and arrive at class at 11:30 for your lecture on the laws of personal protection in Michigan. It is from 11:30 to 4:30 that we will do the following:

  • Go in-depth over the laws that pertain to self defense in Michigan.
  • Provide examples of use of force both deemed justified in court and unjustified.
  • Provide time for question and answer.

What to bring:

  • Safety glasses or prescription glasses
  • Notebook

We serve coffee pop water and lunch on site for all students. We charge only $60.00 per student to register for re-certification for this class and upon conclusion, you will receive a certificate of completion.